Soft goods that are highly functional and beautiful

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Koni Innovation

Hotels and resorts worldwide have embraced Koni’s bedding and drapery concepts for more than 30 years. Koni Hospitality serves this industry need by continually introducing new ideas and low-maintenance products which offer beauty, luxury, and comfort.


Forward thinking from Koni reveals itself in products such as the Shade 2 Shade window treatment. This amazing covering combines two treatments in one. It is architecturally clean and gives guests total light control.


Koni has developed countless bedding innovations. Notably, the Westin Heavenly Bed® duvet ensemble is a prime example of a product that revolutionized the industry. One of the more recent developments is the Sheet Duvet, which allows housekeepers to make a bed in half the time while improving guest comfort.


It’s all part of Koni Kim’s philosophy of listening to customers and adding value for operators in the hospitality industry while constantly evolving.