Soft goods that are highly functional and beautiful

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Bath & Comfort Innovation

Hotel guests scrutinize everything from bath linens and amenities to furnishings and lighting. Koni Hospitality helps improve guest satisfaction by bringing new ideas to the evolving hotel room oasis.


Comfort items: Koni Hospitality has been on the forefront of developing comfort items that are operational and eco-friendly. Nontraditional inserts, made of recyclable 100 percent polyester, contribute to sustainability initiatives by reducing the amount of waste that eventually goes to landfills. When it comes to bed linens, housekeepers appreciate Koni’s color-coded threads that define size and position to expedite bed-making.


Bath Items:

  • The Peek-A-Boo Shower Curtain is a unique design that streams more light into the shower enclosure through a 16-inch sheer panel located at the top of the curtain, providing guests with a brighter and safer bathing experience.
  • The QuickZip Shower Curtain is a fresh take on the shower curtain in which the face and or liner can be removed for laundering or to accommodate a new, updated design scheme. The design saves time for housekeepers by enabling them to do these tasks without removing the entire curtain hook by hook.