Soft goods that are highly functional and beautiful

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Window Innovation

Hotel guests have a two-stage relationship with window coverings. Initially, it is all about aesthetics. When someone walks into a room and sees beautiful draperies, things are off to a great start. The next stage comes hours later when the guest discovers just how much light leaks through or around the window treatment when it is time to sleep.


Koni Hospitality offers innovative products that address both issues.


Koni Light Seal: Koni draperies include the Koni Light Seal, which eliminates light leaks and provides guests with a better sleep experience. With Koni Light Seal, guests no longer need to physically attach a clip to the draperies prior to going to sleep.


Shade 2 Shade: This amazing window treatment combines two shades in one treatment. It is architecturally clean and gives guests total light control. Decorators will find unlimited design options with fabric lamination and printed graphics. The Shade 2 Shade is only 5.5 inches deep and is a great option for tight spaces.


Koni Drapery Hardware: The Duo Track hardware systems combine two treatments onto one track. This system reduces installation costs and offers smoother functionality than the typical individually installed track systems.


Laminated Roller Shade: This system consists of fabric infused to the face of blackout shade material, thus eliminating light. The flexible design provides fabric options with unlimited design possibilities not previously available.