Soft goods that are highly functional and beautiful

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koni Products

Product development at Koni Hospitality always focuses on the needs of the people who design, decorate, and operate hotels. Our fabric and design options provide an infinite number of configurations. With an unlimited potential for customization, interior designers can confidently specify Koni products knowing we will meet any budget, concept, or theme.


Koni Kim’s deep affection for beauty and harmony permeates every nuance of the brand- setting collections offered. Appearance, value, and sustainability form a union that supports Koni’s commitment to helping clients garner guest loyalty and increased occupancy.


Koni’s product line includes the versatile Layers of Luxury bedding concept, Light Seal draperies, innovative shades, and inviting comfort solutions. With more than three decades of hospitality experience, we can ensure that every project achieves your aesthetic goals and operational requirements while providing the ultimate in guest comfort.