Soft goods that are highly functional and beautiful

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At the end of the day – or night – the true measure of guest satisfaction comes down to that one word: comfort. At Koni Hospitality, it is our pleasure to help you surround your guests with self-indulgent comfort products for the bed that embody the tranquility and serenity they deserve. Our offerings include:


Layers of Luxury: Three decades of research, experience, and feedback have culminated in Koni’s Collection of bed linens, inserts, blankets, and mattress protectors. The “Layers of Luxury” are vital components of a proper guest room bed ensemble.


Cloud 9 Pillow: Our most popular pillow, the Cloud 9 is an ultra-soft pillow that feels like it’s filled with down. However, the fill is actually polyester with a denier that gives it an airy weight, downy feel, and soft, silky texture.


Cuddle Blanket: If you think it can’t get any softer than Koni’s Plush Cuddle Blanket, then you haven’t felt the Ultra-Plush Cuddle Blanket. What’s shocking is that despite the luxuriously soft feel of this micro-denier fabric, it is also incredibly durable.