Soft goods that are highly functional and beautiful

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Decorative Bedding

Today’s hotel guests want distinctive styling that goes beyond the “comforts of home.” They are looking for aspirational design – something that’s even better than what they have at home. The key is to fulfill that desire while also giving hotel executives and housekeeping managers a product that is operationally efficient.


Koni Hospitality satisfies all those needs with beautiful bedding that works on both the aesthetic and operational levels. Our bed ensembles provide guests with Layers of Luxury that are both unforgettable and durable.


Layers of Luxury are vital components of the bed ensemble in guest rooms. With “Layers,” we offer an inviting and luxurious sleep experience for guests to enjoy and remember. Designers and purchasing agents can customize Layers ranging from pillow shams all the way down through the sheets and tailored bed skirts.